• News Release: 4/20/2018- Kinder Morgan Pipeline

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    April 20, 2018
    Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade along the Pipeline route have released a call to action as a united voice to help persuade the government on how essential it is that any barriers to getting the federally approved Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion built on schedule are put to rest.
    This pipeline is fundamentally important for economic and environmental reasons, but it has now taken on broader significance as a symbol of Canada’s inability to approve and build major projects.
    In terms of our economy, this $7.4 billion project will not only generate significant construction jobs, but long-term employment along the route and at the Burnaby terminal. Perhaps more importantly, enabling our natural resources to command world prices will mean billions more in profits, taxes, jobs, tolls, and royalties for a generation of Canadians, making it easier to support communities and fund government programs.
    In terms of the environment, pipelines are safer, cheaper, and generate fewer emissions than alternatives like rail. The current Trans Mountain pipeline has successfully delivered petroleum products to British Columbia for 65 years. This proposed expansion faced as much or more scrutiny than any pipeline project in the world; the rigorous multi-year regulatory process and expert review of the environmental and safety impacts led to 157 conditions being placed on it. The project received the approval of the National Energy Board only after extensive consultation with the three orders of government, Indigenous communities, and landowners. The project also passed assessments by the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office and Transport Canada.
    Jurisdiction over interprovincial infrastructure and trade was given to the federal government in Confederation precisely because every province wanted to end the kind of politically motivated interference with economic development that we are seeing on this vital federally approved project.
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    Letter to Right Honourable Justin Trudeau and Honourable John Horgan
    April 18, 2018
    Failing to respect the rule of law is deeply unfair to the many stakeholders who followed the regulatory process in good faith. It also sends a dangerous signal to the rest of the world that you can spend many years and upwards of $1 billion to get approval from Canada’s robust regulatory processes, but still see your job-creating investment stalled to death.
    You must reverse this message, and let the pipeline construction proceed with certainty. Allowing one province to derail this multibillion-dollar project will give Canada a black eye with investors and job creators in traditional energy, renewable energy, and, in fact, across every sector. We need action now to stop the reputational and financial damage.
    Many steps have been proposed to resolve this matter, but we have three immediate recommendations. First is that the federal government must provide resources such as assistance in policing efforts to help local and provincial governments maintain order and limit the extent to which protestors physically delay construction. The second is to consider any financial tools necessary to ensure the project moves forward. The third is that the two of you must maintain a continued dialogue, with Premier Notley, until an agreement is reached to restore confidence in this project.
    The federal government has determined this proposed expansion of a 65-year old pipeline is safe and in the national interest, therefore it must be allowed to proceed in order to preserve Canada’s reputation as a stable nation for job-creating investment.

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    Leanna Kemp, Executive Director