• Pre Election Survey Results are still coming in...

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    September 07, 2018
    With just six weeks to go until civic elections take place here in Chilliwack and its surrounding area. 
    There will be a lot to read and a lot of information out there, do your homework, be in the know, stay in tune as every vote counts and every vote matters.

    The Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce launched a "Pre-Election Survey" following an initiative of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade. 
    Preliminary results are in as the survey is still LIVE- however a few important pieces to note....

    67% of our respondents said that Quality of life (described as access to housing, parks and recreation, good air quality, transportation and public safety) has worsened over the last 5 years and 51% believe it will continue to get worse. 
    This is relative to the survey done by the board of trade which covered the Metro Van area where a clear majority of residents (67%), businesses (75%), and political candidates (82%) believe quality of life and affordability in the region have declined in the last five years.
    The results are consistent in municipalities across the region.
    What’s more, residents and business owners expect things to get worse.

    To read the full news release done by the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade 
    Click Here
    While we are experiencing some challenges and issues in our community we are not exempt from what is happening around the lower mainland.

    Other noted similarities are the areas in which the surveyed individuals agree that Policing/Public Safety, Social Housing and Poverty Reduction, Local Rd Maintenance and Economic Development are 4 key priorities that will need to be addressed during the upcoming elections. 
    To fill out the survey and share your thoughts with us please click here https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NCQJ3KJ
    Leanna Kemp